This blog…

I’ve always loved art and design. I grew up making doll’s houses out of cardboard boxes and using wrapping-paper for wallpaper. Then I started studying Geography at secondary school and became more and more aware of how much is wrong with the world. How could I study graphic design, creating advertisements for corporate companies when I had just learnt how awful they are? So I pursued geography at university and found there were many like-minded geographers with an art background. I guess we’re all the same tree-loving environmentalists at heart! But now I’m in my final year and wondering what on earth I’m going to do afterwards like the majority of all other near-graduates…

And that’s when someone mentioned Landscape Architecture. I’d heard of it but assumed it meant a lot of gardening  – and living in England that means a lot of time in the rain! – so I hadn’t thought twice about it again. Now  I’ve looked into it I’ve realised it’s the perfect combination of design and environment, creating green-spaces in cities and incorporating renewable energies into  landscapes – any geographer’s dream!

So, this blog will be a mix of musings over social and environmental issues, design and sketches, and advice on ways that we can all reduce our negative impact on the world and make it a better place for the future generations.



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